Proposal of medical help and services at Medical laser centre in Pilsen
Our clinic offers wide range of medical help, surgical, aesthetical, laser, phlegology and dermatoaesthetical ambulance.
This worklplace was established by Dr. Jaroslav harlas 20 years ago as a surgical ambulance specialized for treatment of varices.
Gradually, after extension and involvement of Dr. Jakub Harlas into the ambulance progress, the centre has begun to offer wide spectre of aesthetical and laser medical help.
Our clinic is specialized for operations made in local anesthesia, particularly operations of modern dermatoaesthetical medicine.


Surgical medical help:
Varices surgeries - Endovenous Laser Treatment
Laser operation made in local anesthesia, intended for treatment of large varices. Proffesional careful diagnostics and determination of therapy proceeding precedes everytime the surgery.
Operation of varices – ClariVein® method
The latest operation technology for treatment of varices.
Operation of varices – CHIVA method
Medical help, which is miniinvasive and it provides elimination of separate varices nods.
Removing of skin lesions and signs
An ordinary surgical method with use of plastic sewing materials and sutures.
Removing of signs with CO2 laser
An advantage of this method is minimal invasiveness and subsequently full healing without scar formation.
Careful and proffesional examination always precedes every operation, for example application of digital dermatoscope Foto Finder.


Surgical aesthetic operations:

The latest laser technology elevates contours and tightens low parts of the face. The treatment is carried out under local anaesthesia, without scalpel, stitching or scars. Short recovery time and unwanted side effects such as bruises or swellings are another great advantages. Effects of laserlift are reduction of early ageing and reduction of double chin, tightening of upper neck and low jaw contours accentuation and last but not least natural and young look.


Laser operations:
CO2: fractional laser, laser Resurfacing
Laser cut skin for treatment of deep acne scars, recovery of skin and wrinkles treatment. It is made only in local anaesthesia.
Botulotoxin application
Injection of Botuloxinum type A is ideal operation for reduction of forehead wrinkles around eyes, mouth and neck, the wrinkles are also smoothed out. The operation is safe, with minimal pain and very effective.
Filling application
Standardly used types of fillings based on hyaluronic acid.


Indicative prices:
Endovenous Laser Treatment
laser operation of varices from 22 000 CZK
ClariVein ®
operation of varices 28 000 CZK
CHIVA varices operation
operation of varices from 8 000 CZK
Removing of signs
with CO2 laser
from 1 200 CZK
3 000 CZK for one lokality
7 200 CZK fro three localities
from 5 500 CZK
16 500 CZK